A Fine Night For Dying

A Fine Night For DyingIn this post-war “thriller”, British intelligence agent Paul Chavasse is assigned a case involving a body discovered in the English channel weighted down with chains. Following a lead to a human smuggling ring (to circumvent tight immigration laws), he trives to be a customer using an Australian identity as a cover. The passage back to England becomes one of cross and double-cross, and before it’s over several more deaths go down ere Chavasse closes in on the bad guys and, together with the victim’s brother, ensures the carriage of justice.While the storyline is suspenseful, this is a pretty short novel at 180 pages set in fairly large print. The plot is quite straightforward, with just a few characters and a couple of settings, and is characterized by sustained action as opposed to intrigue or complexity. By today’s modern thriller standards, this simplistic book comes across as pretty tame — maybe that was to be expected from a book published nearly 35 years ago.

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