Hell Is Always Today

Hell Is Always TodayThe setting is a large city in northern England, but it is not clear, in this particular novel, which city. Perhaps the author expected readers to have read the earlier novels in the series. The story is a complex plot about a serial killer.

The story, like many others by Jack Higgins, takes place in a very short period of time – less than a week. A number of young women of the evening have been killed by an unknown assailant called The Rainlover in the press. Another murder occurs, but it does not quite fit the pattern.

The plot is complex, and a suspect emerges early in the story, but all is not quite as it seems with the last murder. An escaped criminal (a cat burgler) enters into the story to complicate matters. The final climax has the usual makings of a Jack Higgins novel as everything ends in a final battle.

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