• A prayer for the dying.Year: 1987Director: Mike Hodges

    Actors: Mickey Rourke (Martin Fallon), Bob Hoskins (Father Da Costa), Liam Neeson (Docherty, not in the book) and Alan Bates (Jack Meehan.

  • Confessional.Year: 1989Director: Gordon Flemyng

    Actors: Arthur Brauss, Keith Carradine (Liam Devlin), David De Keyser, Robert Lindsay (Thomas Kelly), Anthony Quayle (The Pope) and Valentina Yakunina (Tanya Maslovskay)

  • Midnight man (after the book : Eye of the storm).Year: 1995Director:

    Actors: Rob Lowe (Sean)

  • On dangerous ground.Year: 1995Director: Lawrence Gordon Clark

    Actors: Rob Lowe (Sean Dillon), Kenneth Cranham (Brigadier Charles Ferguson), Deborah Moore (II) (Hannah Bernstein) and Ingeborga Dapkunaite (Asta)

  • Night of the fox.Year: 1990Director: Charles Jarrott

    Actors: Paul Antrim (Sgt. Kelly), John Mills (I) (Brigadier Dougal Munro), Juliet Mills, Niall O’Brien (Sean Gallagher), Sean Patterson (Soldier in Pub), George Peppard (Colonel Harry Martineau/Max), Dieter Steinbrink (Kleist) and Michael York (Rommel)

    Remark: The Sean Patterson who plays the Soldier in the Pub, would he be the son of Jack Higgins or is it just a coincidence ?

  • SoloYear: 1999Director: Harold Becker

    Actors: Not yet known.

  • The eagle has landed.Year: 1976Director: John Sturges

    Actors: Michael Caine (Colonel Kurt Steiner), Donald Sutherland (Liam Devlin), Robert Duvall (Col. Max Radl), Jenny Agutter (Molly), Donald Pleasence (Heinrich Himmler), Anthony Quayle (Admiral Canaris), Jean Marsh (Joanna Grey), Sven-Bertil Taube (Captain von Neustadt), John Standing (Father Verecker), Judy Geeson (Pamela), Treat Williams (Captain Clark) and Larry Hagman (Colonel Pitts)

  • Thunder point.Year: 1995Director: George Mihalka

    Actors: Kyle MacLachlan, Chris Wiggins.

    Additional information: There is a video available titled “Windsor Protocol”. It is a follow-on to the movie “Thunder Point”. The video has a disclaimer that says, “This movie was inspired by characters created by Jack Higgins”. It continues the story of the Nazis trying to continue what Hitler started. Kind of eerie but a good story.

  • The Wrath of God.Year: 1972Director: Ralph Nelson

    Actors: Ken Hutchison (Emmet Keogh), Robert Mitchum (Van Horne), Frank Langella (De La Plata)and Rita Hayworth (Senora De La Plata).

  • To catch a king.Year: 1984Director: Clive Donner

    Actors: Marcel Bozzuffi (Colonel da Cunha), Marcel Bozzuffi (Colonel da Cunha), Peter Egan (Heydrich), Barry Foster (Max Winter), Teri Garr (Hannah Winter), Horst Janson (General Walter Schellenberg), Edmund Kente (Walter Monckton), Jane Lapotaire (Irene Neumann), Barbara Parkins (Duchess of Windsor), John Standing (Duke of Windsor) and Robert Wagner (Joe Jackson).

  • The violent enemy.YearL 1968Director: Don Sharp

    Actors: Tom Bell, Susan Hampshire, Ed Begley, Jon Laurimore, Michael Standing and Noell Purcell

    Other information: Jack Higgins recieved ound; 4000.= for the filming rights, which was two times what he earned in a year as a teacher.